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stuck between two walls. janine de la vega joins us live to tell us why the victory is a suspect. good afternoon, janine. >> good afternoon, tori. this wall right here is on the other side of capitol orchard expressway. and this one is this side of the wall. you can see how narrow this is. as you go up, it widens but a person can barely move once he is trapped here. this is exclusive video that we got of the suspect being lifted. he was trapped between orchard capitol warehouse. >> had he removed his clothes when crews found him in the gap. unable to movement he had fallen 20 feet down. >> he had ripped a lot of clothes down going down the bidding because that's a pretty good drop. at that point, they had to call 911. officers determined that corona was the driver that chp had been chasing. he crashed on the other side of the street and ran away. he said he was trying to run from two people chasing him with knives and then admitted, yeah, i was involved in an accident or i was part of an accident and i was just trying to get away. >> reporter: firefighters used the ladder and rig add p
and two hours in 2009. >>> only on 2, ktvu's janine de la vega is live now in union city with a program that's turning some of the city's most troubled apartments into safer places to live, janine. >> reporter: julie under the program tenants can't engage in any illegal activity and managers need to take care of their property. now for example, at this complex, police are saying these bushes are way too tall and they need to be pruned because criminals can hide here. >> at night i do a nighttime inspection of the properties too to try to take a look at all their lighting. >> reporter: officer vaughn is on the look out for lighting. he knows lighting is poor and bushes need to be cut back so that they're only 3 feet tall. >> if someone wanted to jump into this deck and break into this apartment they could do that with this added concealment. >> reporter: those are just a couple of things apartment come leks need to do if they're part of the city's crime free program. >> we were having apartment break-ins, auto thefts, domestic violence issues. >> reporter: new tenants are reu -- require
after going into cardiac arrest at the scene of a fire last week. ktvu janine de la vega joins us live to let us know there is a change in his condition. >> reporter: that is right. that firefighter frank ryan is here in the intensive care unit at regents medical care unit. his friends from the fire department are leer and -- are here and i spoke with one of his friends. he told me ryan is moving but he has not spoken yet. his family is supposed to get a briefing from doctors in the next few hours. firefighters from all over san jose have been taking shifts here to be a support to each other and to ryan's family. some are sleeping overnight on cots. ryan's brothers and sisters flew in from southern california and other parts of the country to be by his side. ryan collapsed on the ground and went into cardiac arrest after fighting a fire last thursday at st. patrick's church in downtown san jose. >> we don't want to leave. he shows improvements. we want to be there for that. we don't want frank to be alone and he's not. he won't be. we are going to stay here until the end. >> reporter:
in san jose with the impact this case is having on the vietnamese community there, -- janine de la vega. >> reporter: they entered the courtroom one by one, two daughters, a brother and their frail looking parents. all pled not guilty to elder abuse and animal neglect charges. outside the courthouse, we caught up with one of the defense attorneys. >> does he believe he's not guilty? does he claim that he wasn't taking care of those people? >> all i'm saying is reason the plea was entered was to move on to the next step. >> reporter: the family of five was running a nonlicensed care home. police say 13 mentally disabled people were beaten and not allowed to use toilet paper. >> they're so upset and they get angry about the way people treat the elderly people like that. >> reporter: the elderly are respected in their culture and worry if the case will reflect negatively on the vietnamese community. investigations are still being gathered from social services. >> looks are deceiving. we don't know if the stuff that has been given to us has been piecemeal given to us. >> i am confidence in
charges. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a homeless camp that was cleared out in san francisco may be cleared out again today. it's on 4th and king streets. the coalition on homelessness say homeless people living there have received two notices to leave the camp. it will be cleared out at 8:30 this morning. >>> oakland wide receiver darrius hayward bay is in the hospital this morning. the home crowds relief that hayward bay was able to raise his right arm and give a thumbs up as he was carted off the field. the raiders will hold a press conference this afternoon to update his condition. the raiders did win the game 34- 31. >>> 4:37 is the time. time to check in with sal. hi sal. >> hello, pam. good morning, to you. we have a mostly good commute. we have the fatality accident on 680 southbound. so this is southbound 680 right there where i have drawn the circle there just past 680. fatal accident involving a pedestrian that happened just before 4:00 a.m.. now we do have a crew on the way to this, but one of the things you should know is right now if you are driving through the
again this was a front for really a marijuana operation. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. sentence a police say a young man is in critical condition following a violent attack outside of a 7-eleven store. police tell us the victim was stabbed and brutally beaten. investigators are still looking for suspects. it's not clear what led up to that attack. >>> happening now san jose firefighters are back on the scene of a house fire. that started just after 7:00 last night in the garage of a home on midhurste court. the flames spread to the attic and roof. firefighters are back at the house due to concerns the roof might collapse. they plan to stay there for at least another 30 minutes. >>> in just a few hours a meet willing be held at a san mateo elementary school where a nine- year-old girl was abducted from a restroom and molested. alex savidge is at park side elementary school where the school is on high alert. >> reporter: even though there has been an arrest in this case, parents, students, and staff members still on edge here at parkside elementary school. that is why later on thi
polly that vigil begins at 7:00 tomorrow night at alabama ran knee high school. >>> janine de la vega is in milpitas. she tells us what they are saying about this victim. >> reporter: customers are expressing their shock and sadness that a clerk was shot and killed inside this 7- eleven. there is a makeshift memorial being built here. just to give you an idea where the location is. it's about 200 yards away from the police department. so customers say they always felt this location was safe. police responded at 2:15 saturday morning after receiving a call that an employee was injured. when officers arrived they found a male employee with a gunshot wound. he died at the scene. police tell us he was the store clerk. investigators are not saying whether it was captured on the stores surveillance cameras while the clerk's identity has not been released. customers think they know who he was. >> i don't know until i walked in. i noticed there was a different person. i think i know who was and oh my gosh. very nice man. sorry to hear that. >> seven 11 hired a private security guard to stand
charges. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is out at the school where students will be given letters informing the parents of the information. >> reporter: that principal here will have a lot of explaning to do to students and authorities. check out what it says to the wall behind me. at the end of the day be ready to say i'm proud of what i did today. now eric dean lewis the principal is expected to be arraigned in court this morning on felony drug charges. a spokesperson from the department of justice says their drug task force received a tip lewis was involved in drugs and used a dating website. an under cover agent set up -- he was arrested on friday after offering the agent drugs. they found methamphetamine, ghb pills and scales inside his home. >> there are no connections here at montague. i'm sure the kids will be disappointed but they will move on and we will focus them back on their learning. >> reporter: school officials have placed lewis on unpaid administrative leave and already named an interim principal. lewis was the principal here for the past seven years and
in an overnight bust in san jose. the raid happened on charter park drive. janine de la vega is right there now. you have new information from the police j mean. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the police haunt who said the marijuana confiscated was worth $150-$250,000. you can see here is leftover paraphia fell ya. police got a call from someone doing a maintenance check on the building at charter park drive near capitol expressway. ten officers responded and it took them several hours to haul all the plants out. >> at this point this case will be turned over to our narcotics unit and they will do follow up and see who is leasing this building. >>> >> reporter: police say the business seems to be a front for the grow operation. i've even called the phone number but nobody is answering that line. here you can see this is next to a business called super tech. on the other side of this industrial park we see an electronic computer company. hopefully as the businesses and the employees arrive, we will see if they noticed any funny business going on inside here. reporting live from san j
.s. under new rules from the obama administration. ktvu janine de la vega live with this story on more what this change means and how people can apply. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are here at san jose state university a college many undocumented youth dream of attending. in just two hours they will be able to get help in filling out applications to obtain temporary legal status in the u.s.. now several hundred people are expected to come to catholic charities in san jose for a workshop on obama's deferred action program. the plan stops the deportation of many undocumented immigrants. republican critics accuse obama of drafting the plan to help boost his standing with latinos. i spoke to a san jose man that told me in spanish why he thinks the plan is needed. >> i have papers but i support the program. i know a lot of young people in san jose that would benefit because they want to continue their education. >> reporter: to qualify for the program immigrants must prove they came to the u.s. before they were 16 are 30 or younger are in school, graduated or served in the m
. this morning a san jose congresswoman will participate in the search for her. janine de la vega is there this morning where several events are planned today. >> reporter: pam, in just a few hours the sierra search center will open up its doors to volunteer. again today several things are happening. congresswoman zoe lovegren will be here to help renew interest and there will be a vigil to mark six months since she disappeared. even though half a year has passed since she went missing volunteers say there are no plans to stop searching. she disappeared march 16th when she left her home in morgan thrill to morgan hill to go to school. he has been arrested because dna evidence has been found in his car that links him to the case, people we spoke with say they have not forgotten about her. >> we still think about it and i -- it is hard to forget something like that i guess but you still you know think about it once in a while but hopefully they can find her. >> searches have been held every wednesday and saturday since sierra disappeared. they have been held by the class kids found
is resigning. ktvu's janine de la vega is live with the reason for the departure and what impact it may have. >> reporter: officers told me they are not surprised by chris moore's decision to retire. morale is at an all time low. we heard from the chief this afternoon. >> reporter: police chief chris moore walked in ready to explain why he was leaving. he wants to spend more time with his family. >> just the right time. >> reporter: his announcement comes after violence in the last month. there have been complaints about not enough officers on the streets. 79 have resigned and retired. one of the factors is the city's decision to reform pension. >> it had something to do with it. i am not kidding you. i have been disappointed that we weren't able to get some things done that i think, perhaps, i wish we had. he is not surprised by the chief's decision and says whoever takes the position next will have a challenge. >> it is getting worse. i think the chief leaving i think is probably in his own way him standing standing with the troops. >> they are sad to see him leave and praise the job he ha
. ktvu's janine de la vega tells us, as bad as that is for san jose, could be a blessing for the new hockey team. >> reporter: well, frank, the sharks were supposed to play- doh games here but now -- to play two games here but now they have been canceled. while the lock out is bad news it could benefit others. >> reporter: the newest sports team, the san francisco bulls a minor league homey team. -- hockey team. their first game is in october and he hopes they will pick up sharks fans. >> i think the benefit, we will see double the amount of players from the sharks so the fans can come here. >> reporter: yesterday the nhl announced pre-season games are canceled. >> wouldn't be too much of a hassle driving up there. especially to see hockey if there isn't hockey in the bay area. >> reporter: a few sharks players are playing overseas, 10-15 players are practicing in san jose. they have to pay to lose the rink and locked out of their locker room. last time there was a lock out was in 2004. >> i am thinking about all the people that work at the arena as well and don't make that much mone
for sierra lamar. janine de la vega is live now and we know that sierra has been missing for about six months now. janine? >> reporter: well, the search center opens up in one hour. that's when volunteers will start to file in here. and they will be visited by congresswoman zoe. we just spoke to an individual who organized an event for sierra's family. sierra has not been seen since march when she left her morgan hill home to go to school. volunteers from the kids klass foundation have been searching and looking for signs of sierra. one woman said she felt strongly. i just felt really strong when i -- compel -- compelled when i saw her picture. i was like i have to go out there. ly mom said, you are not? you are -- i said mom, i'm going -- my mom said, you are not? i said mom, i'm going. jen. >> jennifer, the woman that you heard from earlier, they say plan on spelling out the word "hope" on the ground. zoe lofyin will be here to -- lofgrin will be here. >>> breaking news. a campaign aide has just announced or just said that the president's convention speech tomorrow night will be moved insid
selling drugs. ktvu's janine de la vega obtained a police report that details what else authorities found inside his apartment she joins us live. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. well, i got this police report from inside the courthouse this morning. it explains how eric lewis was caught with drugs and hidden cameras inside his home. one of them was hidden inside the nose of a teddy bear and now investigators trying to figure out if anything recorded was illegal. eric lewis remains behind bars. for fellny charges -- behind bars for fellny fell -- felony charges. it's unknown if other charges will be brought up. one camera were found at his home. >> i'm just hoping that nothing turns up with children. adults are consenting. hopefully they were consenting. it does raise questions it being a teddy bear. >> reporter: police took items as evidence because they knew he was a principal and wanted to see if any crimes occurredded using those cameras. >> who knows. >> it could have been for the dates he brought home. it's odd some teddy bears. we still have to go th
will face felony drug charges. this is causing real concern with parents. janine de la vega has more with the changes happening at the school. >> reporter: the principal is behind bars at the county jail. here at the school he once led, teachers are trying to treat the day as normal as possible for the children. but they do plan on telling the older children what happened. as school children arrived at montague elementary, many were unaware of the serious drug charges their principal faces. many parents had heard the news. >> it's upsetting and very surprising. >> we were surprised because mr. lewis is respected here. >> reporter: agents arrested lewis last week. a spokesperson said they received a tip that he was involved in drugs and frequented an online dating site. the two agreed to meet after they set him up. >> there was no incation anything is connected to campus. we didn't know anything about it. >> reporter: district officials say lewis is well liked as a principal here. he's now on paid leave. the district has replaced him with an interim principal with 20 years of experien
plants from a business on charter park drive. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is on the scene where she just talked to police about this raid. >> reporter: that is right if you take a look here the sign says online furniture if you look through the windows you can see a desk and flowers in there. that appears to be a front for an indoor marijuana grow. here on the ground you see bud blood. some sort of fertilizer. police told me they found hundreds of marijuana plants growing inside. this all happened about 10:15 last night. police say someone doing maintenance check on the building discovered the indoor grow. it was pretty elaborate and there was a lighting system in there. the maintenance worker called police. about ten officers arrived. they found hundreds of marijuana plants that were six
the business on charter park drive. janine de la vega has been following the story since 4:30 and has more. >> reporter: we're in an industrial area of san jose. on one side of me is a technology company and on the other side is a car parts business but right here in the middle, you can say it says "online furniture" you can see marijuana plants. you can see paraphernalia left behind by police. here is a temperature gauge, a fertilizer something used to feed. plant plants. police got a call last night and -- used to fet the plants. police got a call last night. >> when officers got here, they found marijuana plants every where. and they are fully matured about 6 feet tall. about 250 of them with light systems and all kinds of other indicators that it was an indoor grow. >> police say this is a significant bust they say the street value is between $200,000, $250,000. they say this furniture appeared to be a front for a furniture store. we also went to the website but it comes up with a different san jose arrest. when i called -- address. when i called nobody
in the city's willow glen neighborhood. janine de la vega has just arrived on the scene. >> reporter: we're here on mulberry lane. this is right near meridian and kurtner. this is still an active scene. there's about five or six engines still here. about 20 firefighters. the flames were shooting out of the roof when the firefighters just got here. let's take a look at video shot. just before 7:00, a neighbor called 911 to report the house next door was on fire. when firefighters arrived, flames were shooting through the roof. the firefighters started to fight it from the outside but then they switched from going inside the home and enter it, trying to knock it down. we're told a mother and her daughter had woke unup to the sound of their smoke detectors going off and they were able to get out of the house safely. i'm joined by fire captain rob brown. what is the situation right now? >> right now we're in an overhaul phase. we had about 70% of the roof that's been burned off. we are trying to do some salvage for the occupant. get whatever belongings out that we can. >> reporter: i see the
. janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: we're here at coddle where you can see the new pedestrian bridge behind me. now, just moments ago they did the ribbon-cutting ceremony. now, down below is the railroad that peds would cross illegal aid within r -- and where the toddler was killed seven years ago. now, city officials hope it will save lives. it's named zander's crossing. police say his baby-sitter left him with another woman who walked him across -- across the tracks but then went back to get her own baby in the stroller. >> my son is gonna save so many lives. i just hope that people are -- are smart enough to use it. i just hope they use it instead of cutting across because they are in a hurry. what's a couple of seconds? >> reporter: the new 350-foot long steel bridge between the bustling strip mall between coddle and the south san jose neighborhood across the street. the event was out here and back out here live, you can see this fence out here. this is brand new. it's made of mesh. i was told by the vpa, you can't pull it. it's very difficult to climb. this was put up it. it is
to father in san jose- - gather in san jose this morning. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega joins us with more on what this change means and how they can apply. >> reporter: we are here at san jose state university the place where many undocumented students would like to attend. being in school is one of the -- a lot of people are expected to show up at a workshop to get help for this new program. catholic charities is expecting several undocumented people to come to them for help on how to fill out the application for temporary legal status. the plan stops the deportation of many undocumented immigrants that were brought to the u.s. as children. to qualify they must claim they came to the u.s. before 16. republican critics accuse obama as drafting the plant plan to help him get the latino vote in the upcoming election. >> if there is no future for you, there is no hope, it's not an incentive to do well. if you can say yes, you can be the real american you always thought you were. if you get an education. that is a real incentive for people to get an education. it's a good thing f
stuck between two buildings there. ja anything janine de la vega is there. what is going on. >> reporter: yes , the victim is the suspect and there now treated for his injuries. behind me, i am standing here and this man is on top of the roof and was trying to jump from the building to the other building next door and he jumped and he fell 20 feet and wedged between an 18 inch gap and became trapped. police and fire crews were called here this morning and found 32-year-old man being trapped. we got video that shows that. he actually called police from his cell phone and told them that two men were chasing him with a knife so he was trying to get away and hide and that is how he ended up getting stuck. >> he wedged himself in the building. he tried calling a family member. they responded out here and they could not get him out. he had -- i guess ripped a lot of his clothes off going down the side of the building because it is a good drop. at which point he had to call 911. >> fire crews brought in their urban search and rescue team. it took them 90 minutes to get him out. they used a rop
in this fatal shooting. reporting live from hey war, janine janine de la vega. >> man was stabbed, and was rushed to the hospital. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. >> they search is on for her. lorraine blanco has been on this and you have more on that. >> reporter: dave, her family says they are desperate for your help this morning. she could deliver her baby at 10 moment and she feeds her meds. let's go ahead and take a look at margie cabrera, 31, and likes to wear overhauls and yellow shirt and has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old and she is pregnant and her due date is close, so they are worried. she has gone missing before and has been found in those areas. employees we talked with over there did not recognize her picture. if you have information call police. >> the democratic national convention in charlotte north carolina officially kicks off today. coming up at 6:15 we will have a live report from charlotte with the two big speeches on the schedule today and why the keynote speaker will make history. >>> meantime republican presidential nominee is tak
a fire that gutted part of a menlo park school yesterday. as ktvu's janine de la vega reports, that fire burned for hours before firefighters responded because of a loophole in the law. >> reporter: today beach wood elementary school looked like a demolition zone rather than a place where kids come to learn and play. the school learned a hard lesson. >> it's tragic, but in some ways i'm not going to say it's completely preventable but the outcome would have been much different had they had early prevention. >> reporter: the fire had been burning for several hours before they received a 911 call. the administrative offices and third grade classroom were destroyed. under state law, portable classrooms are only required to have fire alarms that are activated manually. school officials say they have that and smoke detectors but nobody was at the school right now. >> the fire alarm is not monitored so it did not send a report to the fire department. >> reporter: new permanent public school buildings in california are required to have a fire alarm with sprinklers and a monitoring system that a
between buildings. for you we hear now we hear he may be a suspect. janine de la vega has this report. >> reporter: this rescue happened and it was dramatic because of that. he was stuck between this orchard supply and he was stuck between this indian market on the left and in between an 18 inch gap. now i am going to interview captain reggie williams with the san jose fire department who was called out here, a very strange call but can you tell me how challenging that rescue was? >> it was a very difficult challenge for us this morning. after 2:00 a.m. the police department summoned us for a ladder. we realized that and required rescue from them. we used 18 personnel along with that to get this gentlemen out. >> kind of a crazy story you were trying to figure out who -- how did he get there. >> yeah, we are not sure what he was doing. we do understand he was the one that called for help. once the police department realized they could not get him out they requested assistance from the fire department. >> okay. all right. as far as police go we are still waiting for a lieutenant to com
at an apartment complex. janine de la vega live with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. deputies are still here on the scene keeping it secure while investigators are back at the department trying to piece it together. they told us a group of people were standing here in front of apartment number 3 where you see that light on when shots were fired. at around 9:40 last night sheriff's deputies arrived to this apartment complex. they found one man suffering from at least one gunshot wound to the chest. he died at the scene. after speaking to witnesses they say this appears to be a drive by. a car pulled up and someone inside fired two shots into that group of people. that car drove off and sheriff's deputies don't have suspects and are not releasing a description of the car. it is unknown whether or not this is gang related but we are told by neighbors this area is known for gang activity. at this point we also don't know if this was a targeted shooting or if this was completely random. we will monitor the situation and see if we can get an update at 6:00. live from haywa
complexes. ago janine de la vega explains if tenants get in trouble with the law they can now be forced to move out. >> at night i do a nighttime inspection of the properties too to try to take a look at all their lighting. >> reporter: bruce vance is on the look out for areas of the medallion complex to try to cut crime. >> if someone wanted to hop into this deck and break into this apartment, they could do that with this added concealment. >> reporter: those are just a couple of things apartment complexes need to do if they are part of the city's crime free program. >> we've been having the auto thefts, we were having apartment break-ins, domestic violence issues, just people fighting. >> reporter: new tenants must sign this agreement. so far 12 complexes are participating in the program. police say it has drastically reduced their calls for service. >> it adds the extra sense of safety to the public just knowing that your neighbor, if they're involved in any kind of criminal activity will be forced to move. >> reporter: apartment managers go through an eight hour training program to
to take home after their school principal was arrested. ktvu janine de la vega is here now with the details on the charges. >> reporter: dave, the principal here has a lot of explaning to do to the students, parents, and authorities especially when you consider what is painted on the wall of the school. it says at the end of the day, be ready to say i'm proud of what i did today. erik dean lewis the principal here is expected to be arraigned in court today on felony drug charges. a spokesperson from the department of justice says their drug task force received a tip that lewis was involved in drugs and used a dating website. under cover agent set up a meeting with lewis. he was arrested friday after allegedly offering the agent drugs. authorities say they found methamphetamine, ghb pills, and scales in his san francisco home. >> mr. lewis i think did a great job here as principal. we have no sense there was connection between what he was alleged to have done in san francisco and what he did here. >> reporter: officials have placed lewis on administrative unpaid leave. lewis
-- a 7-eleven employee in milpitas is dead. his killer still on the loose. ktvu janine de la vega is out there now with the very latest on this investigation. >> reporter: dave, i spoke with police sergeant a short time ago. she told me this is milpitas first inside homicide of the year. just to give you an idea where this is located at. we are 200 yards from the police department. as you can see behind me, people have been leaving flowers. they have been grieving. talking about the store clerk that worked inside here over the weekend. that lost her life. now ever since the fatal shooting 7-eleven has hired a private security guard to watch the store. police were called here at the 7-eleven store at 2:15 saturday morning. they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. he died at the scene. police have a team of detectives that have been working this case throughout the weekend. i asked if they captured the shooting. the sergeant declined to answer that. the private security guard that 7-eleven has hired for the past two days told us customers have been expressing their grief to him. >>
will be held today for sierra lamarr. it's been nearly six months since she disappeared. janine de la vega. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with sierra lamar's father who says she's on his way to the center. he says he's grateful for any support. a vigil was planned by city hall. a woman helping has flown into the bay area for the event. sierra has been missing since march 16th when she left her morgan hill home to go to school. volunteers have been searching to look for any sign of sierra. but the number of people coming has been dwindling. >> i'm a father. i have three boys. i -- ours -- my hours are weird, graveyard. maybe if i'm off, if i get a chance, i would like to volunteer. >> reporter: antolin garcia- torres has been arrested because police say her dna links -- was found in his car. no body has been found. they want to raise money to keep the search going. and a congresswoman is expected to be here at 9:00 a.m. back to you. >>> a bizarre shooting in canada has left one person dead. another critically wounded. it happened after a man shooting at a victory rally for the new p
arrived outside a home late last night. janine de la vega just government new information on the suspects. >> reporter: police have been here on the scene all morning long. we just learned from police that the man who lives in this home, that's who they wanted to catch, he's a documented vietnamese gang member from union city. no, now, the s.w.a.t. team left. they pulled up on the lawn. it did some damage here to the brick. the gang member barricaded himself inside the home. police were hoping he would surrender. that did not help. police came out here to serve an arrest warrant on a 30-year- old vietnamese gang member. he wanted on felony gang charges. police saw him and then saw him go backs in the house. he had something in his hand. they called other officers. he's known to carry weapons. >> i kept hearing them say, come out with your hands up. they had lights on. >> reporter: police deployed -- deployed tear gas at 5:30 in the morning. we were told by police that they say a neighbor said she was confronted by an unknown male in her backyard and then she saw him hop her fence. police
. janine de la vega is live outside of the school with more on the drug charges. >> reporter: good morning. school will begin within the next hour. when it does, the students will be greeted by an interim principal. we haven't gotten a chance -- we haven't gotten a chance to speak to them yet. eric dean lewis has been the principal here at montague school. he's now facing if heny drug charges. a tip was received that he was involved in drugs. they had an undercover officer and they found meth and other drugs in his home. >> you certainly don't want to see anything like that in a school. and in your neighborhood and stuff? you don't want to have people like that around. i mean, that's a real disappointment. >> reporter: since lewis's arrest, school officials have placed him on leave. we're told that lewis was involved in the antid.a.r.e. program at the school -- anti- d.a.r.e. program at the school. we're also told that letters will be sent home with the students about what happened and he's expected to be arraigned in court today. back to you. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with sal, onc
to get those regular referees back on the field with them. reporting live from santa clara, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> one fan admits his team took advantage of this. he says they were getting away with all kinds of things you don't normally see in play, including rougher play. and some have called this the substitute teachers' syndrome. this wasn't just the 49ers. >> yeah, right. >> and that was the biggest concern, somebody could get hurt. >> should be interesting tonight. >> how is the toll plaza doing? >> doing very well. doing well for carpoolers. it's backed up. one of the things that i want to mention, this is kind of the normal backup. if you come to the bay bridge toll plaza at this time every day, you are gonna see much the same, 20, 25-minute delay. if you are driving in the carpool lanes, that looks good getting into the city. no problems on the bridge and there are no crashes reported or stalled vehicles. >> the morning commute looks good on 880. i can actually say this is doing very well because there's no slow traffic heading northbound and southbound as y
of last year. janine de la vega, ktvu news. >> chief moore made $226,000 last year in salary and other cash compensation. in retirement he will take home 80% of his salary or roughly $155,000 a year. that does not include 200,000 in sick time that he's accrued during nearly 30 years of service to the city of san jose. >>> and tonight at 10:30, reaction from a city hall insider. he tells us moore's departure could not come at a worse time. >>> students of the law paid tribute to u.s. ambassador chris stevens with a vigil in his honor. it took place at his law school alma mater uc hastings. amber lee joins us with more on how the death of stevens has touched many even those who did not know him. >> reporter: they told me that his sacrifice affected them in a way they did not expect. students, faculty and fellow allumn lit candles to honor christopher stevens. >> we should all be so lucky to find a vocation that we can be so passionate about. >> reporter: inside notes of condolence were written to steven's family. >> he was a light that to all of us. >> it struck me in a way that i didn'
jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in the meantime drug officials say they will probably seize about 1.5 million plants from outdoor gardens this year. that is almost six million less than in 2009. it seems more marijuana growers are moving away from outdoor gardens. the bay citizen reports police are finding fewer plants outside on public land. they are finding more grown on private land. >>> overnight news san leandro police are looking for the armed robbers that stunned safeway shoppers by rushing the checkout lines and grabbing money from the registers. ktvu eric is live. >> reporter: it was bold. we can tell you employees are back here getting ready to reopen this morning. the store is closed for about another hour. it has been shut down since several men busted in here last night. as many as five armed men came into this safeway around 9:00 and proceeded to rob the checkout stands. talking to investigators overnight they tell us it all happened very quickly. these men were able to pull off the robbery in a matter of minutes. in this video you see, you can see detect
de la vega is. >> reporter: within the last five minutes, a bun everyone of sheriff -- bunch of sheriff deputies cars just pulled up to do more investigating around apartment number 3. now, the woman who lives there, i just spoke to her and she tell piece the victim is the best friend of her son. she's a 20-year-old aspiring rap artist. she actually told me she was not home at the time of the sheeting but it happened right here in front of this fire hydrant theen is was standing hee. he got -- hydrant. he was standing here. let's go to some video that we took are the night, just after about 9:30, deputies were called to this bartlett avenue. they found the 20-year-old suffering from one gunshot wound to the chest. investigators say this appears to be a drive-by. witnesses say a group of people were standing outside when a car pulled up and someone inside fired two shots. the car sped off and at this point, the person or persons responsible had not been caught. we were told by the woman who lives in the apartment number 3 that the victim is not part of a gang. we are still wai
. janine de la vega is live with more on what it means and how people can apply. janine. >> reporter: we are here in front of the catholic charities in san jose where the doors just opened up. we counted 70 people in line so far. and the people are emotional and many are undocumented and they have been waiting a long time for this act and they are all waiting to get help to file for temporary legal status in the united states. cath lig charities ares holding a workshop to help fill out the application for the deferred action program it. stops the deportation of -- it stops the deportation of undocumented immigrants brought here as children. they can obtain a work permit for two years i spoke with a young man living in the united states swains 2 years old and wants -- since he was 2-year- old and wants to become a citizen. >> it's to come because i have to do something because time is going by and we are getting older and we all need a future and need something we can do something with ourselves. >> reporter: to qualify they must prove they came to the u.s. before they were 16 years old a
. >>> learning more about the santa clara principal accused of selling drugs. we have more from janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: they say at least one camera was hidden inside a stuffed toy bear. i spoke with a parent off camera this morning. she told me she wants to know why a camera was stuffed inside a child's toy. eric lewis was arraigned in court yesterday. he faces felony charges. lewis was arrested at a cal tr an station last week. there were 10 hidden cameras at his san francisco apartment. cameras were also found in a cigarette lighter and places in his bedroom. it is unknown why he had the cameras. >> who knows. everyone has their own life style. could have been for the dates he brought home. is it odd it is in teddy bears? like i said, we still have to go through and figure out what else he had if anything. >> reporter: investigators are still going through the evidence to see if lewis will face more charges. so far theda's office says none of the charges are related to the school. i did contact the school but still have not heard back. we are going to try to get our hands on t
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